The price of a cheap car Under 100 Million

The development of the automotive industry the homeland continues to advancerapidly up cannot be unstoppable again. The wide variety of car types released inIndonesia, ranging from prices of under 100 million to price billions of dollars we can get easily. Let alone the myriad services finance which offers car loans with affordable and easy terms, so that more and more of society Indonesia could buy car dreams ofeveryday transportation.


Trends that are developing at the moment, apparently more community Indonesialooking for a cheap car under 100 million Rupiah, because it is considered more affordable. This cannot be separated from the related Government policy LCGC car(Low Cost Green Car), which makes Indonesia the Government provide subsidies to some harga mobil  cheap car marketed in Indonesia. Surely this has to be one sole good news forPAL automotive wanted to buy a car but is constrained by a budget buddy had.


Although the amount is not as much as the car is above 100 millions, but there are several types of inexpensive car under 100 million automotive PAL selected. Althoughthe price is cheap, but cuku quality offered various types of cheap cars in Indonesiacould not be considered next to the eye, because the average is artificial berstandardinternational car manufacturers have years of experience in making quality cars withfactory standards.


Classmates manufacturer Daihatsu, Datsun, Suzuki, Nissan, and Honda, did nothesitate to market cheap car buatnnya in Indonesia. But not all of it is under 100dibanderol million dollars, due to the outbreak of the rising dollar against the rupiahmaking cheap car prices rising. But buddy automotive goes without worry becausethere are still some cheap car type below 100 Million can buy pal in Indonesia, and to see what type, please refer to the pricing information cheap car Under 100 Millionfollowing

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